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  • Vrissa, Lesvos island GREECE
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Purpose of the Association

1) ) Manage the money collected in the bank account of the Association, which will come from donations, subsidies, state aids or aids from the European Union, for the best benefit of earthquake victims. Seek funds from the regional and local authorities to remedy the impact of the earthquake of June 12, 2017 and to relieve the inhabitants of the affected areas. To claim and ensure the payment of the share of resources that correspond to the severity of the impact of the earthquake, to the local community of Vrissa.

2) Seek resources from the European Union (European Regional Development Fund, European Investment Bank, etc.). Seek and participate (if permitted by its legal status) in European programs about the remediation of the impacts of natural disasters or humanitarian aid. Where permitted, cooperate with local authorities, consult and supervise the progress of implementation of the programs.

3) Concern about employment of the population, claim any kind of financial aid, subsidies, loans on favorable terms to businesses based in Vrissa and Vatera, search out for State or European programs regarding the development of business in the area.

4) Intervene, make suggestions and participate in public consultation procedures regarding the promotion of legislative initiatives related to the structure of urban plan of Vrissa, the protection of the environment and the cultural heritage of the village. Make proposals to the relevant ministries about modifications of legislation and regulations, when needed.

5) To improve solidarity and cooperation: a) between the members of the Association b) between the Association and other similar associations and c) with cultural, charity associations and movements.

6) To cooperate and support the local council regarding every action that is directly or indirectly related to the restoration of the earthquake impacts.

7) To provide, in cooperation with the local council, all kinds of humanitarian aid to earthquake victims in need. For this purpose, food and other essential products will be collected.

8) To collect money from private or corporate donations, coming from Greece or abroad, which will be disposed according to the decisions of the Association’s administration, aiming to help earthquake victims and finance public works in Vrissa.

9) To inform those concerned, despite the place of permanent residence, about issues that have to do with the impacts of the earthquake and the restoration and reconstruction procedures of their houses.

10) To coordinate and follow the progress of the implementation of public engagements regarding the projects, such as the reconstruction of school and churches and other public spaces.

11) To coordinate groups of volunteers, in cooperation with the local council.

12) organize events for the support of earthquake victims.

The Association’s goals will be accomplished by any convenient and legal methods, presentments to public authorities, lectures, studies, newsletters, participation to radio and tv broadcasts. The Association may authorize the “Cultural Association of Vrissa Lesvos” located in Athens, to represent the management of the Vrissa’s Earthquake Victims Association, for its purposes, when needed in Athens.