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Our needs

12/6/2017  Noon

Inhabitants of Vrissa, had just gone for rest after meal, when unexpectedly the disastrous earthquake hit. Fifteen seconds which seemed endless were enough to destroy the village. A cloud of dust rose above the village.

At that moment, people were filled with feelings of humanity, solidarity and love between them. They helped one another to get out of the ruins. Each one of them cared for the others, if they needed some help, a chair to sit down, a glass of water, some word of consolation. The hit was huge and the pain too deep. Villagers had to handle a situation that seemed inconceivable. They could not. They wandered around the streets full of ruins, without being able neither to speak, nor to cry.

Their faces were tense, full of sadness, frustration, anger, despair.

It's been seven months. We, the people of Vrissa, more than ever, have the duty to rebuild the village together. We should all respond with our presence to this invitation. Anonymities, mischiefs and nonsense on various internet sites must stop.

The Vrissa Association of Earthquake Victims via the site and expresses the need of the people of Vrissa to try and make this happen.

Our needs

  • Medical help for the financially weak
  • Care for the elderly and helpless earthquake victims
  • Legal, accounting and other advisory services for the benefit of the earthquake victims
  • Purchase of containers to be used as warehouses for the belongings of the earthquake victims